I need more than 100 sites. Can you make that happen?


At any point in time, (e.g. directly after purchase, two weeks later or even two years later) you can contact me to raise the activation limit for your Ultimate license at € 49,50 per 50 sites (€ 0,99/site).

Once your license reaches a total activation limit of 250 sites, it’ll become an Unlimited Ultimate license. This means unlimited sites and no recurring fees.

Be sure to include the following information in your message:
– Your license key,
– The no. of sites you require (increments of 50. E.g. 50, 100 or 150)
– Your (company’s) full name and address (to be stated on the invoice)

After your order is processed, you’ll receive an invoice containing your license information and a link to complete your payment using PayPal, Credit Card or iDEAL.

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