OMGF (Pro) doesn’t detect/download any fonts.

This issue could have several causes:

CSS Optimization and Page Caching Plugins

The most common cause is that you’re using a CSS minification/combination plugin that also has an option to optimize Google Fonts, e.g. Autoptimize, WP Rocket or Asset Cleanup.

While OMGF is extensively tested with most popular optimization plugins, try disabling that option. OMGF (Pro) does it better anyway 🙂 and it might be interfering with OMGF (Pro). Make sure to flush the plugin’s cache after changing the setting.

Cookie Notice/Consent Plugins

Another common cause is that you're using a cookie consent plugin which blocking the loading of Google Fonts until prior consent is given. Before running OMGF (Pro)'s optmizations, make sure you've removed Google Fonts from your cookie consent framework/plugin.

Staging Areas

If you're running OMGF (Pro) on a staging area, which is locked to the outside world by e.g. basic authentication or a splash screen, this needs to disabled temporarily in order for OMGF (Pro) to run. This the detection script runs at server level (and not in a browser) it can't "act" like an administrator and get access to your site's frontend.

File/Folder Permissions

Default WordPress instances have folder permissions set to 755 and file permissions to 644. If somehow in your case this is different, it might be that OMGF (Pro) isn't able to write files to the folder defined under Advanced Settings (default: /uploads/omgf).

Unconventional (or Exotic) Google Fonts implementations

Due to coding standards/restrictions in the repository, OMGF is restricted to scanning for Google Fonts using WordPress' stylesheets queueing system. Sometimes an upgrade to OMGF Pro is required, because themes/plugins can use Google Fonts in exotic ways. Click here to purchase OMGF Pro.

Already a Pro user and still no luck? Then open up your browser’s Developer Console (opens by pressing F12) and/or your server’s PHP logs. Look for any errors related to OMGF Pro (or other Fatal Errors) and continue further down this FAQ.

Other Issues

  • Check the list of Compatible Themes and Plugins to see if OMGF (Pro) is tested with your theme and/or plugins. Make sure to scroll through the entire list, because I’m continuously updating this list with my findings. 
  • Check the list of known issues with 3rd party plugins for known fixes to common issues with other plugins.

Is your theme/plugin not listed there? No worries. Just shoot me a message and I’ll get you sorted!

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