Detection Settings

These settings affect how OMGF (Pro) searches for fonts throughout your sites and how the found files are processed.

Detection Settings: In most situations, the default settings should suffice.

Google Fonts Processing (default: Replace)

Replace will download all detected Google Fonts in your website’s pages and serve them from a local source. Remove will remove all Fonts, forcing a browser to fallback to system fonts, which is faster, but not necessarily pretty.
Both options will increase site speed by reducing DNS lookups.

Advanced Processing (only available in OMGF Pro — default: on)

Disabling this will disable OMGF Pro’s Advanced Processing features, i.e. Safe Mode, Google Fonts Processing (Pro) and Remove Resource Hints (Pro). All other features of OMGF Pro (e.g. Force Subsets or Fallback Font Stacks) will still function.

You will want to disable Advanced Processing is OMGF was working fine, and after upgrading to OMGF Pro (some) pages contain layout breaks.

Safe Mode (default: off)

On pages containing invalid HTML elements, it might occur that OMGF Pro breaks styling while parsing the page source for Google Fonts. Enabling Safe Mode might take care of this issue. If it doesn’t, contact me.

Google Fonts Processing (only available in OMGF Pro — default: all on)

You can fine-tune OMGF Pro’s font detection by skipping certain sections of your page source. Only tweak this settings if you’re absolutely certain you don’t need it.

> How to configure Google Fonts Processing.

Remove Resource Hints (only available in OMGF Pro — default: on)

Most themes/plugins using Google Fonts, add a resource hint pointing to to the header of each page. Enabling this option removes this resource hint from your header.

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