Optimize Fonts - Manage Optimized Google Fonts

After saving your changes and running the optimization (Save & Optimize) the Manage Optimized Google Fonts section will be populated with detected Google Fonts:

Font Family and Stylesheet handle

The first row of every section contains the stylesheet handle, which is stated by the theme and/or plugin developer.
On the next row, the first column contains the name of the Font Family (e.g. Jost, Martel, Roboto, etc.) followed by a few mass actions. These will help you to configure the stylesheet quicker.

In the free version of OMGF the stylesheet handle defined by the theme or plugin developer is always used, e.g. google-fonts-1. OMGF Pro merges all stylesheets it discovers, that’s why it’ll always use pro-merged. A a unique identifier will be appended for every stylesheet it discovers in Automatic mode.

The unique identifiers are used to create separate stylesheets for each combination of used Google Fonts. If one page uses e.g. Roboto 400, 600 and 700 and Open Sans 300 and 500 then this generated stylesheet is used on every page using the exact same combination. If another page uses the same combination, but also Martel 300, then a separate stylesheet is generated to optimize deliverability.


Displays the style for a font variation, e.g. italic or normal.


Displays the weight of a font variation, e.g. 300, 500 or 700.

Preload (one of OMGF’s most important features)

Check this box to preload this font variation.
Preloading a font file will result in the file being loaded before everything else is loaded and will remove the Preload key requests optimization suggestion on Google PageSpeed Insights, effectively increasing your score.
Properly configuring font preloads will reduce Cumulative Layout Shifting by removing FOUT (Flash Of Unstyled Text) and will help eliminate render blocking resources. More information

Do not load

Check this box to not load this font variation. If the font variation is not used anywhere, but still loaded (by e.g. a plugin) it is advised to not load (unload) the font using this option. When all boxes of one stylesheet handle are checked, the stylesheet will not be loaded at all.

Fallback Font Stack (Only available in OMGF Pro — default: none)

Preview of OMGF Pro's Fallback Font Stack option

OMGF Pro features 31 available fallback system font stacks to reduce Cumulative Layout Shifting caused by Google Fonts. (List with visual examples, coming soon…)
Use the Font Style Matcher to find a system font which matches closely with your Google Font. This will improve User Experience (UX) and reduce CLS when configured correctly.

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