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Always flush and disable any caching plugins you might be using, before installing a new plugin.

CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade is an add-on for CAOS and requires CAOS to run correctly. If you do not have CAOS currently installed, install it for free directly from the WordPress.org repository.


To install FFWP License Manager, CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade, register and activate your license, follow this guide.


Now your Super Stealth Upgrade is registered and activated, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > OptimizeAnalytics > Advanced Settings,
  2. Make sure Save analytics.js/gtag.js to… has a value which doesn’t include ‘analytics’, e.g. /cache/caos/.
    • If you need to change this value, don’t forget to ‘Save Changes’ afterwards!
Screenshot of CAOS' Advanced Settings.
Make sure save [filename] to… is set to something without ‘analytics’ in it.
  1. Check if cURL is enabled, by clicking the link in Plugin Handling‘s description. If so, set Plugin Handling to Super Stealth Upgrade. Otherwise, choose between Safe Mode or Experimental if you’re using other plugins, e.g. Enhanced Link Attribution (linkid.js) or Enhanced Ecommerce (ec.js).
  2. Make sure Super Stealth Mode is activated in Extensions and Save Changes.
If cURL is enabled, set Plugin Handling to Super Stealth Upgrade. Also make sure that Enable Super Stealth Mode is checked.
  1. Finally, scroll down to the bottom of CAOS’ settings screen and click Update analytics.js/gtag.js.

If you’re using any JS/CSS minification and/or Caching plugins (e.g. W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket or WP Super Cache) now’s the time to re-activate them again.

Enjoy CAOS Super Stealth Upgrade!

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